Finally 18!
Between full age and tiredness
Of full legal age, free, detached – Wand 5 turns 18! Now that puberty has just been overcome, Wanda, the collective being of organisers Wand 5 is heading towards new challenges. What to do with this full age? What does it mean to not be young anymore? Above all in areas – art, film, media – which absorb the young and the new! How can Wand 5 deal with the dictate of the innovative in a creative and calm way? Wanda’s favourite past-time, the Stuttgart Filmwinter , provides a nice platform to raise questions and totally indulge in maturity. The planning – with 1400 applications – on the one hand made Wanda rather tired but on the other hand it gave way to a good time of carrying out some research regarding age. Thus the fluffy penguin from the childhood belongings of a Wand 5 member was cast in concrete and statistical evaluations revealed that the average age of the Wand 5’s members of the board has increased from 24 years at the starting time to currently 34 years. 18-year old people represent the festival team in the catalogue. We were also able to encourage our media partners LIFT Stuttgart and DASDING/SWR to present the discussion “Hooray, we’re grown ups!” Participants of the advertising and culture domain as well as politicians will push themselves into fits talking about the obsession with youth and the stubbornness of seniority.

So mainly the 18th Filmwinter revolves around - but luckily not completely - the subjects “youth and age”. There is plenty of film and media art. The centre of the festival comprises of different competitions for short film and video, media installations and on and offline media (websites, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, software). Two different juries will hand out awards altogether totalling 12.500 Euros.

As part of the supporting programme I will show videos of the legendary Canadian artist group General Idea which has been strongly influencing the work of Wand 5 from the very beginning. The works of the late filmmaker Gary Goldberg, who was represented in many previous Filmwinter film competitions is presented by experimental filmmaker Jerry Tartaglia. The Fimwinter continues its series “PerfAct” - a discourse on film and theatre and presents films of René Pollesch, hangover ltd. (“Petra”) and Christoph Schlingensief, who is part of the programme with a world premiere of “Attabambi-Pornoland”. In relation to this we have a historical programme on the subject of gestures in experimental film showing works by Jack Smith, Ken Jacobs, Samuel Beckett, Hannah Wilke, Die tödliche Doris and much more. The discussion of last year’s Filmwinter about cultural diversity in the context of globalisation will be continued at this year’s festival – again in co-operation with the European Coordination of Film Festivals and the Heinrich Böll Foundation Baden-Württemberg. A workshop for kids and grown ups by Minimal Games Club from Cologne on how to create computer games with little means is another contribution to the festival. As always there is not enough space to lay out the rich range of programmes of the festival...

Even though I wanted to avoid spilling out news I am extremely pleased that the contributions nominated for the Milla und Partner award (installations, performances and workshop) as well as the contributions for the (on and offline) New Media competition will be presented in co-operation with Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart at the Kunstgebäude for the first time. It is also a pleasure that IBM Deutschland GmbH could be won as a new donor of an award and the Volksbank Stuttgart is our new main sponsor. Of course my fond thanks go out to all of the longstanding supporters, sponsors, voluntary staff and friends without whom Wanda wouldn’t have been able to reach this age!!

And thus the Stuttgart Filmwinter is just like one big family party: young and old, new and old guests, artists, sponsors and supporters coming together from all over for exchange, inspiration and discussion.

Yours truly, Wanda
Kindly supported by penguin lady Yolanda
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