Retrospective Martha Colburn

>    Haus der Geschichte, Otto Borst Saal Part 1 ×    Friday, 11.01.2013 18.00 h    Part 2 ×    Saturday, 12.01.2013 18.00 h TRUE CARFTSMANSHIP Retrospective Martha Colburn Fusing pop culture and political images with fantastical and painterly aesthetic Martha Colburn

Producing: Aesthetic Practices of Copying

>    Kunstmuseum ×    Friday, January 11, 2013 19.00 h The presentation takes the exhibition Culture(s) of Copy – shown in 2010 in Hongkong and Oldenburg – which was devoted to the phenomenon of the copy as cultural strategy as starting

In Defense of Analogue Film

>    Haus der Geschichte ×    Saturday, January 12, 2013 20.00 h TRUE CRAFTSMANSHIP In Defense of Analogue Film curated by Kim Knowles, Edinburgh International Film Festival This compilation represents a personal longstanding passion for artisanal film practice and contemporary materialist

Analogue Fine Motor Skills

>    Haus der Geschichte, Otto Borst Saal ×    Sunday, 13.01.2013 14.00 h True Craftsmanship Mr. Nightmare and the Blessings of Progress Schwarwel, Germany 2011, HD, 10:41 Min. Mr. Nightmare is the best in his trade: delivering his nightmares to peoples’

Intuition of the Fingers – Illusion of the Digital

>    Haus der Geschichte, Otto Borst Saal ×    Sunday, January 13, 2013 16.00 h Curated Wiktoria Pelzer The hand is moving rhythmic and smooth, dominant or soft like a precision device and conducts the giant monsters of steel with minimal

Documentary Film Live Sound Recordings

>    Wilhelmspalais, Max Bense Saal ×    Saturday, 12.01.2013 22.00 h Documentary Film Live Sound Recordings with AMNESIA The treasure chest of Haus des Dokumentarfilms (Documentary Film House) opens Today, they would be filed under video art: shots of film amateurs.

Social Network ID Card

>    Wilhelmspalais HANDMADE SPECIAL Free IDs for facebook citizens! Pick up your Social Identity Card! The Social ID Bureau is handing-out personal identification cards for a limited number of Facebook Social Network citizens, interested in alpha testing. Be the first

Böller & Brot – ZOOMS – Films In Crises & Flip-Books Galore

>    Wilhelmspalais HANDMADE SPECIALS ZOOMS – Films In Crises Seemingly insignificant long shots (reminiscent of discarded holiday pictures) open up new perspectives for the viewer through the zoom motion on surprising details. Forty flip-books from Paris and the rest of

LABORATORY: Temporary Archive

>    Wilhelmspalais HANDMADE SPECIAL L:TA LABORATORY: TEMPORARY ARCHIVE The archive as a temporary experimental set-up In the summer of 2012, the organisers of the Filmwinter Stuttgart Wand 5 e.V. moved. After the relocation, numerous boxes labelled “Archive!” piled up in

Street Ghosts

>    Wilhelmspalais HANDMADE SPECIAL On The Road in Stuttgart Street Ghosts Paolo Cirio, Italy 2012 This project exposed the spectres of Google’s eternal realm of private, misappropriated data: the bodies of people captured by Google’s Street View cameras, whose ghostly,

Retrospective Manuel Saiz

>    Haus der Geschichte, Otto Borst Saal ×    Friday, 11.01.2013 20.00 h Part 1, Short films Specialized Technicians Required: Being Luis Porcar Spain 2005, 1:00 Min. Specialized Technicians Required: Being Luis Porcar is a video installation in which Luis Porcar,

Böller & Brot present film openings

>    Wilhelmspalais, Max Bense Saal ×    Sunday, January 13, 2013 16.30 h Böller & Brot present (alongside their 2003 Stuttgarter Filmwinter trailer) the film openings of Where’s The Beer and When Do We Get Paid? (2012) about Jimmy Carl Black,

Emerging Artists

>    Wilhelmspalais, Max Bense Saal ×    Saturday, January 12, 2013 17.30 h Reception for the Premiere: Emerging Artists 18.00 h Emerging Artists, Contemporary Experimental Films and Video Art from Germany presented by AG Kurzfilm & German Films Greed for Novelty

Flaming Gestures – Artistic Research and Practice Regarding Gesture, Action and Ritual

>    Wilhelmspalais, Max Bense Saal ×    Friday, 11.01.2013 14.00 h A project of Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg e.V. Short film programme and presentation by Ulrich Wegenast The project „Flaming Gestures“ aims at relating various art sections such as performance, media art

The Grim & Grisly Show

>    Haus der Geschichte, Otto Borst Saal ×    Friday, 11.01.2013 16.00 h The Grim & Grisly Show in the Afternoon, Short Films Curvas Curves Spain 2012, HD, Colour, 6:10 Min. Director, Editing: David Galán Galindo, Drehbuch, Production: David Galán Galindo,

Godfather/Godmother Films

>    Wilhelmspalais, Max Bense Saal ×    Friday, 11.01.2013 22.00 h Godfather/Godmother Films From The Treasure Chest of The Selection Committee Peter Is Dead Netherlands / Germany 2012, HD, Colour, 14:48 Min. Director, Script, Camera, Programming, Animation, Music, Cast, Production: Clemens

Open Screening

>    Wilhelmspalais, 1. Stock ×    Sunday, 13.01.2013 12.00 h The roundabout takes off! Filmmakers and media artists are invited to present their own short films or short films of other artists or whatever else they want to present, they are

Follow up

>    Galerie GEDOK Stuttgart, Höderlinstr. 17, 70174 Stuttgart ×    Thursday, January 17, 2013 19.30 h Follow up Film Night with gems from the submissions for the 26th Filmwinter Stuttgart As part of the Filmwinter’s finale, Wand 5 in cooperation with