Short Films 1

> Wilhelmspalais, Max Bense Saal
× Thursday, 10.01.2013
21.00 h

International Short Film Competition 1

France 2011, 35 mm, Colour, 20:20 Min.
Director, Script: Giovanni Sportiello, Camera: Denis Louis, Editing: Aurélien Guégan, Sound: Lucas Albert, Cast: Claire de la Rue Ducan
Hidden in a corner of a small residence, 16 year-old Tania watches a group of young men holding a hammer in her hand.

Hotel Room
Austria 2011, HD, B/W, 6:20 Min.
Director, Script: Bernd Oppl
Something isn´t right in this hotel room. A feeling of suspended reality and a film whose nature remains obscure: A sheet of ice is gradually drawn over the room’s stark interior – almost indiscernibly, the camera´s zoom affords more and more of a view into the setting. The eponymous room turns out to be a detailed miniature model, and Bernd Oppl´s film/installation plays an icy game with perception.

To The Sea

Great Britain 2011, HD, B/W, 15:00 Min.
Director, Script, Camera, Editing: Anna Valdez Hanks, Anna Blanford, Programming: Monika Kocian, Sound: Anna Bertmark, Joss Albert, Cast: Bradley Cole, Joanne Adams, Produktion: Anna Valdez Hanks, London
Suffolk Coast. The present. A quiet dawn creeps into a family home. The morning routine is punctured when the father hears a cry for help in the sea. He sees a man struggling in the water, but does nothing as the man slowly drowns. His inability to discuss the death creates a fracture within his family. He must shut out his guilt, with the sound of the sea.

Waterscope Cluster
Germany 2012, HD, Colour, 15:00 Min.
Director, Script, Camera, Editing, Sound: Carsten Aschmann, Musik: Dieter Moebius
Suffused with sounds from the history of cinema, we see waterways, locks, dams, wastewater treatment works, floodgates, fountains and waterfalls, none of which appear exclusive or spectacular. Seemingly abandoned and forgotten, they become the places where water encounters architecture and technology which, in turn, work for it, with it and against it. A dialogue between water and man takes place.

Austria 2011, DigiBeta, Colour, 10:00 Min.
Director, Script, Editing, Production: Harald Hund, Camera: Viktor Schaider, Sound: Peter Kutin, Andreas Berger
On the surface, Apnoe describes a day in the life of a family. The protagonists have considerable difficulty in coping with their everyday life. confronted with no gravity, the family ensemble becomes unstable and the hierarchical structure begins to dissolve. Apnoe is the third part of a gravity trilogy. In their films, Hund & Horn ereduce spatial conditions and the notion of normality joyfully and wryly to absurdity.

Rigid Regime
Hong Kong, China 2012, HD, Colour, 13:17 Min.
Director, Script: Erkka Nissinen
An armless outside observer arrives by helicopter to inspire the local community.

The Bathroom

Germany 2011, HD, Colour, 5:15 Min.
Director, Script, Editing, Cast: Bjørn Melhus, Camera: Benoit Detalle
In reference to the trailer for Psycho (USA 1960), an edition with a German voice-over by Hitchcock himself, a gardener with a chainsaw guides us through the premises of the Herbert Gerisch Foundation in Schleswig Holstein 51 years later. The visit ends just like the original trailer in a bathroom.