Emerging Artists

>    Wilhelmspalais, Max Bense Saal
×    Saturday, January 12, 2013
17.30 h Reception for the Premiere: Emerging Artists
18.00 h Emerging Artists, Contemporary Experimental Films and Video Art from Germany
presented by AG Kurzfilm & German Films

Greed for Novelty
When it comes to short films, there are two categories: On the one hand, there are short feature films of a variety of genres which rely on more or less conventional cinematic  language. On the other hand, there are those that try to question viewing habits and intend to break these up. They constitute an art form of their own which has been described by a diversity of terms. Theses films are considered as experimental because they stray off regular paths and explore things which lead to new, unknown results. Similar to other areas of life, these experiments emerge from curiosity. It is exactly this kind of curiosity that provides these films with a vantage point for iconographic innovation which has always and again influenced and renewed cinematic vocabulary.
Considering this situation, it is even more astounding that these experimental films are struggling for a larger audience. Some have made it to the exhibition facilities of fine art but pale in the blinding light of the white cube. Certain online platforms merely serve as a substitute, since these films are actually made for the silver screen. One of the last resorts of adequate exposition are short film festivals which serve as annual conventions for basic cinematic research.
This compilation of films on hand is a successful experiment by the German Short Film Association. Similar to the greed for novelty that drove their creators, I wish these films the greed for a new and curious audience!
(Bjørn Melhus)

Alfred Rotert (European Media Art Festival Osnabrück), Carsten Spicher (Oberhausen Short Film Festival), Giovanna Thiery (Stuttgart Filmwinter/Wand 5) and Gerhard Wissner (Kassel Dokfest) were the members of the jury who selected the works for the first DVD-edition of Emerging Artists.

Confessions With An Open Curtain
Germany 2011, 5:30 Min.
Director, Script, Editing, Production: Eli Cortiñas
“Funny business, a woman’s career. The things you drop on the way up the ladder so you can move faster. You forget you will need them again when you get back to being a woman.” Bette Davis in All About Eve by Joseph L. Mankiewicz (USA 1950)

Gas Avalon
Germany 2011, 14:00 Min.
Director, Script, Editing, Camera, VoiceOver, Production: Carsten Aschmann, Music: Stilluppsteypa & BJ Nilsen, Cast: Michael Bruns, Inspired by: Breton, Hirst, Warhol, Epikur, Darwin, Baader, Aschmann, Distributor: www.hula-offline.de
Penetrating an interactive surface, we encounter the world of Gas Avalon, where completely different rules apply. Bullets serve as forms of locomotion; artistic genres depict a landscape of placelessness. Man and art transcend to vapour in a power station. As atoms of a soul that has the gift of reason, we return to reality.

Sounding Glass
Germany 2011, 10:00 Min.
Director, Script, Editing, Camera, Sound Design, Production, Distributor: Sylvia Schedelbauer, Music: Thomas Carnacki
A man in a forest is subject to a flood of impressions; rhythmic waves of images and sounds give form to his introspection.

Memory Extended
Germany 2011, 12:04 Min.
Director, Script, Editing, Production, Distributor: Yara Spaett, Camera, Sound Design: Yara Spaett, Rita Macedo, Lena Siebertz, VoiceOver: Yara Spaett, Rita Macedo
Memory Extended is about my long-term research on my family history which takes place in Munich and Thessaloniki. The non-linear narrative constitutes itself on a double screen.

Sixth Sense, Third Eye, Second Sight
Germany 2012, 15:00 Min.
Director, Script, Editing: Jan Riesenbeck, Camera: Ben Brix, Jan Riesenbeck, Music: Max Hundelshausen, Sound Design: Tobias Böhm, Cast: Ruben Zumstrull, Anna Fischer, Johann Adam Oest und mehr als 200 Komparsen, Production: Roland Fischer, Distributor: Ocean Pictures Filmproduction, www.oceanpictures-film.de
A young man is seeing through other people’s eyes, struggling to find his own perspective. Ventriloquists mistake themselves for their doll. Sleep is preserved inside an hour glass as a mirror of one’s own dreams. Sometimes all the pieces fit together, but the picture makes no sense at all.

Snail Trail
Germany 2012, 3:00 Min.
Director, Script, Editing, Camera, Sound Editing: Philipp Artus, Musical Source: Madalena Graça, Distributor: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, www.khm.de
A snail invents the wheel and goes through a cultural evolution to finally get back to its origins.

Germany 2012, 9:00 Min.
Director, Script, Editing: Gudrun Krebitz, Camera: Moana Vonstadl, Music, Sound Design: Marian Mentrup, VoiceOver: Nicolette Krebitz, Lola C. Bohle, Sean Uyehara, Composition: Sonja Rohleder, Production: Verena Schilling
Real excitement is always kind of out of focus. Unfortunately. All joy lies buried in a blind rush and hasty perceptions. That’s why I never got my eyes lasered.

Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship
Germany 2012, 24:33 Min.
Director, Script, Editing, Camera, Production, Distributor: Vika Kirchenbauer, Music: Nigel Farrelly, Sound Design: Vika Kirchenbauer, VoiceOver: Rob Santaguida, Laurie Young, Vika Kirchenbauer, Colorist: Pol Merchan, Post-Production advisor: Martin Sulzer, Font Design: Moritz Esser
Partly based on the author’s psychiatric assessments diagnosing her with Gender Identity Disorder, Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship is an intimate piece that combines personal subjectivity with the clinical objectivity of medical reports, challenging the very notions of these categories. As evocative images inconspicuously blend with found family footage, a multilayered reality emerges in which the distinction between what is true or false becomes unimportant and obsolete.