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Warm Up

Warm up  

15. – 21.01.2009
for the 22. Stuttgarter Filmwinter -
Festival for Expanded Media


Thu, 15.01.                    Warm up-Start: Film evening in the Gedok-Galerie
Fri/Sa, 16./17.01.         Workshop "Foamlights" (FiWi for Kids)
Fri, 16.01.                      Exhibition opening „Transmission #1“ (Oberwelt)
Sat, 17.01.                     Installation „Pumpbeats” (Tresor)
Tue/Wed, 20./21.01.     Videoprogramme „Three Black Minutes I & II” (Künstlerhaus)


Thu, 15.01.     19:30 h    Gedok-Galerie

Warm up – Start

An evening with highlights from the Filmwinter archives
in a comfortable living room atmosphere.

Starting the 22nd Filmwinter in Stuttgart, Wand 5 in cooperation with Galerie Gedok set up a film screening for the Warm Up in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Experimental and artistic as well as funny and performative short films from the Wand 5 archives on spontaneous demand are on offer. A big projection screen, comfy sofas, chairs, blankets, pillows, hot & cold drinks as well as yummy snacks welcome all visitors to stay until the early hours.


Fri, 16.01.       9 – 12:00 h (school class*)      Infoplanet, Public Library Stuttgart
                    14 – 17:00 h (all welcome)
Sat, 17.01.    13 – 16:00 h (all welcome)        Event room Public Library Stuttgart

Workshop  „Foamlights“ (FiWi for Kids)

→ for further informations see „FiWi for Kids / Workshops“ – section!




Exhibition opening:     Fri, 16.01.     19:00 h     Oberwelt e.V.

Duration:             16. - 26. January 2009
Opening hours:     Mon 21:30 – 24:00 h, for  appointments call    Tel: 0711 – 6491687

Transmission #1

Video installations by Eva Paulitsch und Uta Weyrich

The two artists Eva Paulitsch and Uta Weyrich have collected cell phone films from teenagers since 2007 and now have a substantial archive at their disposal.
It is the unfamiliar, surprising gaze on the seemingly banal - the recording of small incidents - which vividly conveys the "poetry of small things" in these pocket films and which awoke the collector's impulse in both artists.
In their video installations they focus on the phenomenon of zooming in and moving up close to the subject during recording and the discrepancy between the spatial proximity and the social distance of the "young protagonists" to the viewer.
By processing and filtering film sequences, gestures and gazes from their archive the artists operate in the grey area between staged reality and the reality of everyday life.


Sat, 17.01.     19:00 h     Tresor – Raum für flüchtige Kunst

Daniel Dihardja & Frank Arnold

The installation „Pumpbeats“ wants to broaden the horizon of digital sounds and their physical expression. The initial idea was to connect an article of daily use, which is strongly linked to the moment of physical exertion, with „disembodied“ music to form a unit. For this experiments air pumps are being converted into instruments to create electronic music. We therefore need the visitors´ initiative: respectively three people can simultaneously make music with three pumps and thus experience a new form of electronic music.

Further information:  &


Three Black Minutes
Presented and curated by Axel J. Wieder

Tue, 20.01.    19:00 h    Künstlerhaus

Three Black Minutes I    (Videoprogramme)

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart presents during the Warm Up of Filmwinter two evenings of artists' videos. "Three Black Minutes" refers to the possibility of a short interruption of vision – three minutes of invisibility after which everything has changed. The first programme shows videos and films by artists who use their media for a reflection of the circulating images of mass media. The programme includes TV shows with alternative contents, video clips, bad News and found footage collages. With works by Mark Leckey, Lawrence Weiner, Alex Bag, Wynne Greenwood and K8 Hardy, Bernadette Corporation a.o.

Wed, 21.01.    19:00 h    Künstlerhaus

Three Black Minutes II    (Videoprogramm)

The second part of the video programme centers on the cybernetic idea of feedback and its intervention into the space of film and video. What happens if we could return something to the video or TV? To what extent is the audience as a projection always already implicit in the media? The programme includes examples of the utopian idea of viewer participation, through telephone calls or other forms of polls. Other works present a playful analysis of the relationships between viewers and producers or attempt a look behind the scenes. With works by Orakel, Jef Cornelis a.o.

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