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Media – Space

22. – 25.01.2009    daily  11 – 22:00 h        Ex-IKEA

For the 9th time now the Media-Space will take place from January 22-25  – this year accompanying the Filmwinter. For the first time Wand 5 issued a call for tender to set up a realisation team for the Media-Space 09. At the end of October 2008 the Media-Space started an online discussion with curators via the weblog

“The current global economic crisis has an impact on almost every area, even language itself suddenly became ambivalent in a new way. Financial terms, unknown to most of us until recently, have now become a vital part of our daily information flow. Gradually we become aware of the fact that fluctuations or crashes within the stock market are influencing our very personal experience.

In which way are artists reacting to this self-made global crisis? The subject “financial crisis” as well as the pieces of work dealing with it are not solely linking “local” and “global”, but might already make an attempt to produce a leap in shifting “lobal” to “glocal” or other hybrid forms of it. Certain ways of acting and traditional processes of thoughts suffered their own fatal collapse – the reason causing can be found in the breathtaking speed of the economy in the last 20 years.

The current financial crisis undoubtedly marks a breach, if not the end of the current form of neo liberalism.
So how are artists reacting to this and which practices are chosen by them to define their methods? In order to transfer the up-to-date-ness of “immateriality” it seemed appropriate to consider the modality of the material and aesthetic choice to classify the works.

The process-like strategies, which obviously have an impact on the current financial crisis, seem, however, to find an analogy in those pieces of work, which are created using generative methods. Apparently there is a similar distance to material sources aiding this impression. There is a certain consensus among the curators on the fact that there is a new generation of generative works questioning how we can sharpen our awareness of such complexities.

A fundamental beauty lies in nearly all “transformations” of generative processes, as well as the ability to make incomprehensible amounts of abstract data visible. The selected works might be able to combine these aspects while simultaneously finding a method of transformation of their complicated contents into a “real” Media-Space event.”

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Media-Space special event:

Artist talk & discussion

Fri, 23.01.      14:00 h      Ex-IKEA

Members of the Media-Space curators’ team and some of the Media-Space artists will discuss the actual financial crisis and artists reactions to it, relating to the exhibited works and closing with some insights into the process of the online – curation of the Media-Space. Come and talk to them!


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