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FiWi for Kids
FiWi for Kids – Film programme

Sun, 25.01.        12:00 h        Filmhaus, Saal 1

Mo & Friese on Tour – Short films for kids aged 5 and older

Presentation: Giovanna Thiery

In cooperation with Hamburg´s Mo & Friese Children´s Short Film Festival the Stuttgarter Filmwinter aims to attract a young audience and introduce the medium of film in a playful, experimental and fun manner. The selected short films are either in German or completely without dialogues (o.D.), intended for children aged 5-8. Children will be able to compare the films, express what they like or dislike, or ask questions about contents or techniques.


IL 2005, R: Maya Tiberman, animierter Experimentalfilm,  03:11 Min., o.D.

The marble of a small girl sets the whole world into motion: houses start to dance, windows jump and the road kerbs wander around...

Der Chinese

N 1998, R: Tove Cecilie Sverdrup, Kurzspielfilm, 07:00 Min., deutsch

If the big sister tells her brother that he is actually a Chinese and one day will also look like one, then he will simply have to believe her. However, he does not find this easy.

Woolly Town – Woolly Head
Wollige Stadt – Wolliger Kopf

GB 2005, R: Vera Neubauer, Animationsfilm, 06:00 Min., o.D.

Little Annie is always getting into trouble because she has a habit of daydreaming during lessons. Only her grandmother can understand her.

NL 2005, R: Luna Maurer & Roel Wouters, Experimentalfilm, 02:14 Min., o.D.

Completely free. Marbles are exposed to the forces of gravity in a special way.

Der große Bruder
The big brother

D 1999, R: Maria Teresa Camoglio, Kurzspielfilm, 24:18 Min., deutsch

When his big brother arrives two hours late to pick him up at the station, Christian has experienced a lot: “I made a new friend, almost kissed a girl, caught a thief, got a reward, gave Ali a pair of trainers and invited him to a boxing match.”

Sientje – Speeltuin
Sientje – Der Spielplatz

NL 2003, R: Christa Moesker, Animationsfilm, 05:00 Min., o.D.

Sientje is playing at the playground. She is absolutely not in the mood for company. Firstly the daft boy starts teasing her and then he goes into hiding!

Bonus film:

Girl Power

S 2004, R: Per Carleson, Kurzspielfilm, 03:45 Min., o.D.

It shouldn´t really be a problem to take the bicycle but a small transport problem can quickly turn into a big one. This film shows how you can earn much by using a little trick, especially if you are a woman of a certain age.

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