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Online / Offline – Exhibition
International Competition
Online / Offline

22. – 25.01.2009    Ex – IKEA

Opening hours:  Thu – Sun     11 – 22:00 Uhr

Sat 6 pm: - Wii-Mote Masters Competition Ex-IKEA


Online / Offline – Exhibition
Co-Curated by Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied

Becoming German - a Database
Joanne Moar, Germany, seit 2004  

The online database comprises an ever growing collection of “donated” German childhood memories, which provide a digital source of information and assistance to those, who did not have a German childhood and would like to “become German”. There are two ways to use the database: either memories of growing up in Germany can be entered into the database,  i.e. “donated”, or details of an imaginary childhood in Germany can be “received”. The childhood memories which are “received” are compiled from the data which has been “donated” and represent memories of a possible German childhood which can then be appropriated as one’s own.

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by jimpunk

~ vlog rem:x of videos ~

thefrenchdemocracy .nato2_ .nato1_ .mygeneration .maltese_falcon .journey .heroine .gta_lego_city .gijoe10 .essen_dortmund_lederhosen_ .coffee_and_cigarettes_ .attack_ofthe_50ft_woman .PJB .Milking .1947 .django .house_of_cosbys .agnusdei_v06 .vimeo .56218 .yoko .800collages .no_more_workhorse_blues .386dx_2001 .the_pink_panther .bells .bitterwaterblackbirdh .Dark_Stars .26sharits .jor_el .roundabout .1video .s1s2 .tothemax .a_greater_degree_of_hardware_awareness .anarchy_In_the_UK .the_cut_ups_clip .what_is_this .willow_creek_coffee .johnny .rb_06_jul_19 .Television_Texts .NJP_documenta1977 .livingproof .dali .anarchy_desexed .last_train_ride .VariationV .duet .rist .baldessari_sings_lewitt .8_halfmile .Surfacing .motherfucker .8bit .KillBill .citizen_kane_b .citizen_kane_a .citizen_kane_d .citizen_kane_c .recaptrailer .asyou .thenandnow .howl .BANANA_GHOST .wildernesstroublev2 .between .forsoreeyes .shining [...]

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by jimpunk, abe linkoln & mrtamale

Video blog and collaborative work, vlog for videos collage, mix and remix.

Further information: http://TRIPTYCH.TV

The Sound of eBay 2008

In their EKMRZ trilogy of works the artist duo Ubermorgen explore the power of the Internet superpowers: Google, Amazon and eBay. In “Sound of Ebay”, the most recent work in the series, the user starts by entering an eBay account name. A software "bot" then proceeds to index the eBay data connected to that account, such as identity and trading history. This data is then used to provide a score file for a Supercollider sound engine, producing a "song" that is presented to the user in teletext porn style. By translating semantic data such as trading histories into arbitrary glitch muzak, Sound of eBay questions the constructed meaning those data are supposed to represent.

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Liquid Prairie
Erika Lincoln, Canada 2007   

Using Google Maps API, Quick time Videos and text, Liquid Prairie Web Project chronicles a series of walks of the Red River Floodway in Winnipeg, Canada between February 2007 and April 2007.

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China Channel
Aram Barthol, Evan Roth, Tobias Leingruber

Experience the censored Chinese internet at home! The internet is often seen as the borderless, democratic network. But in fact the internet is not the same for everybody. State borders and filtering depending on the country you are living in.
The Firefox add-on China Channel offers internet user outside China to surf the web as if they were in China. Take an unforgetable virtual trip to China and experience the technical expertise of the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (supported by western companies). It's open source, free and easy.

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Helene Dams

Cats were the secret super-stars of internet culture. In addition to star wallpapers and „under construction signs“ they have embellished the amateur web as „digital folk art“. And yet it was possible to surf the net without ever encountering them. All this changed when all of a sudden the cute cats demanded cheezburgers, rode invisible bicycles and continuously asked for “Halp!”.

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Dennis Knopf

„Bootyclipse“ is a series of manipulated videos on YouTube. The original clips had been published by female users of this platform to demonstrate their quite frivolous dancing talents. Videos like this exist in abundance and have become something like a format in its own right on the internet. Dennis Knopf collected 333 of these clips - mainly the ones where the mostly underaged girls cannot be seen at first as they still have to quickly put the music on – looping the video track of these moments while the original sound tracks are continuously running.
The result are empty rooms, though hinting at the genre Booty Clip due to the music and the unchanged original titles and descriptions, cannot fulfil the expectations of the user to see a tight butt.

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Michael Russ, Germany 2008

On July 3rd 2008, the WEB 1.0 PROJEKT provided an automated service, enabling the individual users of the social network „studiVZ“ to create a private website of their own. Within a short time more than 1000 users of VZ managed to escape from Web 2.0. Thus pure 90s web design re-emerged on the screens. Sparkling „Welcome“ banners and countless „Under Construction“ animations are decorating these revived milestones of the World Wide Web.

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Animated GIF Mandala
Kevin Bewersdorf, USA 2008

Media: 1680 x 1050 uncompressed video, 16 frames

This mandala was constructed from unaltered GIF files that were found as part of a daily ritual practice of web surfing. The files were uncovered over the course of 8 months and gradually assembled in a seated posture at a laptop.  Each GIF cycles in a ratio of 16, 12, 8, 4, or 2 frames.

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Time Lapse Homepage
Paul Slocum

A short video made with HTML. The minute-long video was made sequentially, frame-by-frame from beautifully hand crafted HTML and images found on the web, taking a screenshot after each change until I had 1000 frames. The sound comes from MIDI files (primarily U2, Moby, and Madonna) placed on the page. At the time of each screenshot, a brief clip of audio was recorded from the MIDI files currently playing on the page, and then strung together into a chart-topping soundtrack.

Further information:  

20 years ago    
John Michael Boling

A screen projection with sound.

Further information:

13ter Shop - 31 Tage im Einkaufszentrum
13th Shop – 31 days in a shopping mall

Florian Thalhofer, Kolja Mensing, Germany 2006    
Music: Jim Avignon


Welcome to paradise: with shopping malls mankind has fulfilled its dream of a climate-stable zone, in which anything seems possible. In reality – and especially inside a shopping mall – stories do not take place successively but simultaneously. Therefore Kolja Mensing and Florian Thalhofer focus on a non-linear and rhizomatic form of narration. The Korsakow System developed by Thalhofer is applied as an authoring environment: the film is played on the computer from a DVD. Using the mouse the viewer clicks his way through the film.

Online Newspapers. Wall Street Journal 2004, 2008
Olia Lialina, Dragan Espenschied

For “Online Newspapers” artists Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied revive the amateur aesthetic by pairing it with the content of the mainstream press. They imagine how news sites would appear were they developed by the lay journalists whose aesthetic choices defined Web culture before the dot-com boom. Creating a faux precedent to today’s Web news, “Online Newspapers” also alludes to the perpetual obsolescence of technology and style – a major factor in our ever-changing media landscape.

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Co-Curators Online – Exhibition

Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied

The Media artists Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied worked as co-curators for this year´s online competition. Olia Lialina has developed a special technique of narration using the language of the elements of a web browser in her work, and is considered one of the founders of the genre. Dragan Espenschied is an artist, designer, programmer and musician.

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