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Closing Ceremony & Awards

Closing Ceremony and Awards

with short performances by „Stereo Attachés“

Programme, awards and donors

Sun, 25.01.    19:00 h    Filmhaus, Saal 1

Jury Short Films:
Thomas Draschan, Vivian Ostrovsky, Miloš Tomić

Jury New Media: Tina Tonagel, Marius Watz, Georg Winter

At the closing ceremony the following prizes in the field of Short Film and New Media will be awarded this year:

Norman 2009
The jury’s award for film and video amounting to 4,000 euros, donated by the city of Stuttgart (capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg).

Award for the best team work, i. e. a film or video production made in a joint effort by at least two people, donated with an amount of 2,000 euros by RITTER SPORT.

Audience Awards
The prizes for the best short film and the best installation in the international competition will be awarded by the audience. The voting in the field of film will be carried out via voting cards, which are handed out before each screening. The voting in the field of „Media in Space“ and „On/Offline“ will be carried out via lists that can be found at the respective exhibition locations. The audience awards are sponsored by RICH. HENGSTENBERG GMBH & CO.KG.

Expanded Wolpertinger
A chimaera of the European media world will be awarded: the Wand 5 Award of Honour for the most unbelievable short film and the most amazing multi media installation.

Expanded Media Award „Media in Space“
The jury’s award for Media in Space (installations) amounting to 2,000 euros.

Expanded Media Award “On-/Offline”
The jury’s award for “Online/Offline” amounting to 2,000 euros for an independently produced work using online or offline media.

→ For information on „Stereo Attachés“ see „Music & Parties“.


Award Winner Show Reel

Sun, 25.01.     21:00 h    Filmhaus, Saal 1

Following the closing ceremony there is a chance for the viewers
to watch all awarded short films.

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