17:15 Uhr – Julian Oliver

Critical Engineering

Ask anyone how a postcard you sent arrived to their mailbox and they'll give you a vaguely coherent description. Ask them however to explain how your email arrived made it to their inbox and most will struggle, resorting to a surrealist impression of the metal and machines that make it all work.

In this lecture Julian will uncover the dangers of depending on misunderstood infrastructure with a view to widening our 'techno-political subjectivity'. In doing so he will position the language of Engineering as providing the vital vocabulary we need for better understanding – and thus critically engaging – the world we live in today. Expanding upon this idea Julian will introduce several of his own works, and work made with others, that underscore his personal shift from 'New Media Artist' to that of 'Critical Engineer'.


Julian Oliver, aus Neuseeland stammend, ist als Medienkünstler und„ Critical Engineer“ in Berlin tätig. Seine Schriften und Arbeiten sind in zahlreichen Museen, Electronic Art Festivals und Konferenzen präsent (Tate Modern, Transmediale, Ars Electronica, FILE and the Japan Media Arts Festival). Zuletzt erhielt „Newstweek“ (mit Danja Vasiliev) die Goldene Nica. Julian Oliver unterrichtet in Workshops und Master Classes Software Art, Augmented Reality, Creative Hacking, Data Forensik, Computer Networking, Objektorientiertes Programmieren für Künstler, Information visualisation, UNIX/Linux, weltweite Open Source Entwicklung und ist Verfechter für freie Software in künstlerischer Produktion, Distribution und Ausbildung.



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